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     As we rode through the streets of Thailand on our way to tour the ruins of Racthaburana, a friend shared that Buddhists are searching for nirvana, which essentially means nothingness.

     While we walked through the ruins, it seemed to be a perfect image of nothingness. Sadder still were the ones worshiping in reverence at the alters of nothingness on almost every city block as well as in more remote areas. Their faces are burned into my memory.


     Our guide shared how long ago invading armies came through and chopped the heads off of the idols. They were left there as they still are, headless, limbless, lifeless pieces of statues.

     I am reminded of the words to the song: "There is no one like You, God. There has never been anyone like You."

"For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,"  I Timothy 2:5

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Scripture and Snapshot


  1. We are so amazingly privileged to be able to serve the true and living God!

  2. There is a certain thrill in my soul whenever I read that verse...One God and One Mediator. No guessing, no hoping we've chosen the right one...just blessed assurance that He is the One.

    1. Blessed assurance! Jesus is mine! I remember my grandmother singing those words with the assurance they were true.

  3. Wow. Thank your for sharing the pics and story about this. We need to be praying diligently that God would send laborers everywhere.

  4. Our city is full of buddist temples...a development over this last decade. It makes me very sad.


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