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Welcome to my blog! 

     A glimpse of our life is just that-- a glimpse into our family-- what we believe, homeschooling, books we read, places we visit, recipes, sewing projects and crafts we enjoy, and more. Just remember, a glimpse means you aren't getting the whole picture. I don't know a blogger who has that much time.

My Family:
     My husband and I have been married for 19 years. He is my best friend, my adviser, the voice of reason to my questions, personal repairman, the man that I love. Over ten years ago we left our home in the city where we met to move to my family homestead, our four-generation farm. Here Mitch built our dream home, a log home nestled deep in a forest of pines and a few oak trees.

     We have three children, two girls and one boy, ages 17, 15, and 10. Read a little more about them here, here, here, or here... or just read the blog, its about all of us. ;)

     I believe the Bible, God's Holy Word, that every word is Truth, and it is the guidebook for my life. I believe the one true God sent His one and only Son Jesus to earth to die for our sins. I believe Jesus lived without any sin, but died on the cross for ours and rose again. He lives today, and one day I know I will live with him in heaven where there will be no more tears. That comforts me. The Holy Spirit also comforts and guides me every day.  I share about my faith on this blog.

sunset on the lake
One of our family's favorite vacation destinations 
Cuts By Laser:
    My Dad started this family business over 20 years ago, but our whole family just joined him last year. Click the link above to our business website and let me know what we can personalize for you with the laser.

Lilla Rose:
     My daughters and I are independent consultants/manager with Lilla Rose. It is the absolute best direct sales business I've ever been part of. Our website is http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair so we use the hashtag #PrettyHair to help you remember it. Occasionally my girls and friends share hair tutorials here like this Triple Lace Braid tutorial by my friend Cristi. If you are interested in these lovely hair accessories, the business opportunity, or hosting a party, just ask.

School at home: 
     Homeschooling was not our original plan, and we even tried not to for a little while. We do believe now it is the best plan for us and we are following God's guidance for that decision. Day by day we trust God to guide us as we try to provide an education for our children. He always provides. You can read about how we teach as we try to do it right. Our kids are now in 6th, 10th, and 12th grades.

The Crew Reviews:
     This is my seventh term to serve on the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew. I actually started blogging to share with distant family members (at another blog which has now vanished), but continued because of this opportunity. Through the crew I have made some strong friendships and met quite a few blog friends in person, as well as trying out many homeschool products that have made a difference in how my children learn.

Other reviews:
     Now I have several companies that I review for. Many are books: I love to read a good book. I love to relax in a hot bath, too, but I haven't yet reviewed a Jacuzzi. If you like to read, you may find some books to add to your own list. I also have reviews for music, movies, toys, and a variety of other things that I try out with my family. Affiliate links are shared in some posts.

     Cooking is fun to me. We now grind wheat to make homemade bread, but haven't completely stopped enjoying processed foods. I enjoy baking, so many recipes featured here are sweet treats. I've also been sharing treasured family recipes and things we make from fruit grown on our farm.

Occupational Therapy: 
     I have been a licensed OT for over 20 years. I do not offer medical advice through my blog as I have not met most of my readers and do not have a physician's order to evaluate and treat you or your children. I do share helpful tips and resources here, especially related to fine motor skills and handwriting. Several Occupational Therapists have been featured as guest bloggers. I've labeled most related posts OT View.

     Does your family enjoy traveling as much as ours does? As we explore our United States of America we often share about the places we visit. I try to incorporate places we visit in our homeschool lessons, too. Most of my life I've lived in Louisiana, and I enjoy sharing things unique to us that might be new to you.

Link up:
     Twice a week there are opportunities here to link your own blog posts. Scripture & a Snapshot is encouraging and Virtual Refrigerator offers a chance to show off your kid's creations or share art tutorials. You may also be interested in these posts by guest bloggers: Glimpses of our Country and Glimpses of our World.

     Thank you for visiting my blog. Be sure to leave a comment so I can visit yours, too.