Coconut Sticky Rice with Mangoes

Thai food

     As we study different countries, I try to find regional recipes to prepare and share with the kids for a taste of each nation. We aren't officially studying about Thailand yet, but since returning I've shared bits of my experiences. One thing I especially enjoyed while there was a delicious assortment of tropical fruit available at almost every meal. After my return home I craved tropical fruit which is hard to find fresh here. We did find some very green mangoes last week at a fruit stand, and eight days later they are finally ripe. I attempted recreating a special treat: coconut sticky rice with sliced mangoes. It smelled and tasted like I remembered, and all three kids agreed that it was a recipe worth repeating.


  • 2 cups rice, soaked in hot water then rinsed until the water is clear
    • This soaking was supposed to be for at least 6 hours, but I started this morning and intended to have it done before my husband left for work so shortened the soak time considerably. 
  • 4 cups water (minus amount of liquid substituted from can)
  • 1 can Coconut Cream
    • We purchased this at the international grocery store in Houston last fall while planning our Countries and Cultures lessons, but I linked to Amazon so you can find it easily. 
  • raw sugar
    • I didn't count but think I used about 12 packs total: 2 in the rice, 5 on the sliced mangoes, and 5 in the coconut cream. 
  • tiny pinch of salt
  • ripe mangoes, peeled and sliced


     Pour washed soaked rice in steamer basket. Open coconut cream without shaking can. Scoop the cream from the top into a clean sauce pot. Add the remaining liquid (coconut milk?) and water to equal 4 cups total to the rice in the steamer. Add two packs (or more) raw sugar and then steam rice.

That steamer was a wedding gift 17 years ago. 

     Completely cooking the rice actually took a lot longer than I expected, maybe because of not soaking it for the full 6 hours recommended. About an hour later we had sticky coconut rice.

     In the sauce pot, add a pinch of salt and 5 packets raw sugar. Heat on low to medium, stirring until sugar is melted and sauce is hot. Don't cook it on too high of a temperature or it will curdle. Brown sugar was recommended in one recipe online, but raw sugar was what I added to tea in Thailand, so it seemed to be a better choice.

     Slice mangoes and sprinkle with raw sugar.

     When the rice is done, serve hot with sliced mangoes and a drizzle of the sauce. Delicious!

the final presentation

the inspiration:
Our treat in Thailand. 
Next time I'll have to remember the banana leaf for authenticity. 


  1. This looks yummy.

    I am SO making this.

  2. This looks wonderful! My husband studied in Thailand and remembers this as a favorite treat. We have had it here at restaurants, but I never thought to make it at home. Just try! Love your blog. I blog over at http://wegotourhandsfull.blogspot.com. Pop by sometime!

  3. I just pulled up this recipe for my daughter to prepare and found these comments that I somehow missed for two years. I do hope you both enjoyed it enough to make it again.


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