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     The girls are still sleeping this morning, and I'm going to let them sleep as long as they can because it is rare for them to have the opportunity to sleep late. My husband granted my son's request to join him at work today, and they just left.

In my life this week… 

      This week was even more full than is typical for us. Looking back, much was accomplished, but I am so thankful for this day at home. Monday was a fun school day. The kids and I finally got back to our "routine" of sorts, fully back into all of their studies. Tuesday Grandmommie again became teacher as she was when I traveled. That day for me was filled with work, dentist, meetings, and a refreshing "mom's night" with a precious group of encouraging ladies. Wednesday is our music lessons day, and we had an unexpected call that it was the day for the controlled burning. Mitch stayed home from work (which is why he is now working today) and the kids and I learned about the process. Thursday we had a busy morning at home followed by our monthly 4H meeting that afternoon. That evening Joseph joined Powpow fishing which is becoming more and more frequent for them to do together. Friday my husband joined us on the road and saw just how much I can pack into a day away from home. 
In our homeschool this week...

     I saved a few in flight peanut snacks, and when our Countries and Cultures studies progressed from France to Germany this week, I shared with the kids about the flight and customs experiences. The younger two have never flown and the oldest was an infant when she did, so they were all interested in hearing about it. We ended our France lessons with a homemade French Toast breakfast. 

     Joesph is doing more and more sketching, and with hunting season over I feel safer letting him venture a bit further for his nature studies. His attention to detail with his drawings is improving. I'll share soon how he is using Artistic Pursuits. 

     We added over 30 library books to our stack this week, including some about fires, Germany, and sea animals.

     Monday afternoon my mom joined us for a poetry tea. We all shared a favorite poem, some yummy homemade tea snacks, and hot tea while adorned with silly costumes just for fun. We then watched part of the Art of Poetry DVD which is another current review. The books and DVD arrived the day I left a few weeks ago, so my mom began that with the kids then shared that she would like to continue poetry lessons with them. Our afternoon was delightful and may turn into a weekly event. 
My favorite thing this week was…
     ... seeing my girls share about shining for Jesus and placing others first.  

     Friday families were invited to our homeschool speech co-op class to watch the students share their "faith speeches." Many of the 13-18 year-olds amazed me. They were given a list of titles to choose from and my girls have been working for the past four weeks on their speeches. Watching them share was one of those times I realized how much they have grown. I pray that they continue to so boldly share about God's love.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...

     Educational opportunities can be built into everyday activities which can make learning fun for the kids. I'll share more soon about all the information we were able to find about controlled burning. 
I’m cooking...

     We have been enjoying sweet Louisiana strawberries and picked up another flat this week. I purchased a bag of biscuits planning on a quick breakfast before my hubby left for work this morning. Instead, we used them for fabulous strawberry shortcakes last night. (So breakfast this morning will be chocolate poptarts-- an extremely rare treat here.) 

I'm grateful for...

      ...the freedoms we do still have in this nation. 
A Photo, link, or quote to share…

     See what others have shared at the Homeschool Mother's Journal link up. The coffee is ready. I'm going to enjoy it with my own chocolate poptart, then plan a bit of "home blessing." Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We've been enjoying our Florida strawberries as well, making lots of smoothies!!!
    Many blessings!!

    1. Yummy! Smoothies are one of my favorite treats.

  2. 30 library books? A woman after my own heart!

    1. We have all been reading more this week (and watching less TV!) Em is reading one story out loud to us in the car, we are reading topical books with our lessons, and we are reading just for fun. My fine this time was just 80 cents. Hopefully we can keep up with all of these books.

  3. Blessing on your homeschool journey - Have a great Sunday!

  4. How awesome of your mom! I'm finding the lessons to be going over both of our heads. lol

    1. I remember not "getting it" when studying poetry in college. To me, the DVD lesson on images was clearer to me than any teacher I'd ever heard before on poetry. I'm very thankful that my mom wants to help.

  5. I smiled when I read you're enjoying the chocolate Pop-tart! Those were old favorites of mine! And we too love our books, I keep them in carts on wheels now :)

    1. It was yummy! Our school books are now organized on a cart on wheels. Library books end up scattered all over the house and van. My son found the last overdue one under his bed.

  6. This is a really nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. HI! I am stopping by from The Crew. I think this was my first time here. I enjoyed reading about your week. :)


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