Homeschool Scheduling

Field trips, projects, advanced assignments, even visits with friends— how to we fit it all in? 

Now that I’m returning to work, we’re again juggling all of our schedules to make everything as smooth as can be for all five of us through this transition. I’ll tell you about part of one “day in the life” scenario. One of my daughters is out of state for a course (which she is loving) right now, and one is in college. My husband is at work on weekdays. When planning my return to work, I have to also consider my still homeschooling son at home, so I pushed back my start date until extended family returns to the farm. But there are always demands for our time that pop up. Monday I renewed my CPR certification. We’ve talked about the whole family doing this; it’s one of those things good for everyone to know. This wasn’t the perfect class for my son as it was for healthcare providers, but the methods are the same. He joined me (with permission from the instructor) in the class and now has had an introduction to CPR training. 

Our schedule will be more consistent once our co-op resumes next week. We also just made plans with friends for Joseph to learn computer from them. So, two days each week we’ll be leaving home for classes for him. I’ll be fitting my new work schedule around everything else. Our slower than it used to be home internet means more time at the library to do online classes. Monday mornings I typically review the expectations for the week with my son. 

So Monday he discussed his week’s plan with me then packed up his books. Between our stops, our drive time that day was over three hours. We discussed things he read as I drove. While not necessarily ideal and far from my original mental image of homeschool, it worked. Our group class days will also have more in-the-van discussion times. We prioritize and reprioritize and fit things where we can. 

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