A Thankful Homeschool

What are you thankful for? Are you slowing down enough to notice the little things?

A few things I am thankful for:

White Space on the calendar
     Our family schedule is full! Those unplanned times are few, and I enjoy them. 

Family time
     With kids doing their own thing, I cherish the times we still have together

Meals together 
     Planning, preparing, cooking, eating together, even cleaning up have significance in our family. Some days we may have one meal with all of us together, and the clean up time can include discussing our day. 

     Tea with friends is such a special thing. I’m repeating myself. Time for that is rare now. Texts, messages, and calls are much more frequent than real visits. In this season, I’m thankful for friendship in any form. Occasionally I still get to visit other moms during kids activities. 

     Our extended family has been a huge part of our homeschool journey. All three of my children still look forward to painting with Grandmommie. Building with their dad, sewing and cooking lessons with my aunt, ACT prep from a friend, photography lessons from a pro, their piano teacher truly caring... these are just a few glimpses of the way others have supported our family in the past few months. Through the years though, my list would be endless. 

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