Homeschool Looks Different Than It Used To

Having just one homeschool student makes things much different than when all three of my kids were still in this process together. Now my oldest daughter is working and pursuing her dream, her little sis just started college, and their brother is becoming more independent. 

Heather’s first day of work at our local library

Emily’s first day of college 

Joseph at our homeschool group’s kickoff 

This week my oldest daughter Heather is excited to be learning new skills but is hours away from home. Emily is commuting to college, and we just see her for a quick breakfast then in the evenings. I know that I’m going to be cherishing the times when our whole family is together even more. 

So yes, our homeschool looks much different than it used to. My son and I alternate school at home and lessons away from home almost equally. We’ve been spending Monday mornings each week going over expectations for the week. He completes most of his work independently, but I help as needed. Our co-op group will start back next week, and he is especially looking forward to the theater class. I’ve been reading our favorite children’s books in preparation for teaching a group of ten five year olds. 

Our current plan for ninth grade:
Old Testament studies
World History 
Algebra I
Health and PE
English I
Spanish (still haven’t started this) 

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  1. I too am cherishing our family time as my oldest starts 10th grade this year and I know time will fly and he will be graduating before I know it.

  2. Tenth grade with my girls seems like such a long time ago, but it wasn’t.

  3. enjoy just the one as much as the three. :) Looks like you have a nicely varied learning plan. Good to have that eh?

    1. I have been thoroughly enjoying the time with my son. Ours days are different, but that’s not a bad thing.


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