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Welcome to The Virtual Refrigerator. We have two new challenges for February: Valentines and birds. but any art related post is welcome to link with us here and on our group Pinterest board. 

Do you or your kids make or purchase Valentines? Our table was covered with colored paper, markers, and glitter glue this week as my kiddos made cards for friends.

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Last week I shared a little about the fridge where some of our masterpieces are displayed. 

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You've got a lot of fun craft supplies to create with. (I loooove glitter!) We used store bought Valentine's this year. We weren't quite as creative as we have been in the past but it was still fun. ♥ Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Made me smile. Comments are like candy to bloggers, right? =) Have a great Valentine's Day! - Leah

    1. Exactly, and not nearly as fattening! The kids are much more creative than I am. They were a bit secretive about some of what they were doing, and they surprised my husband and me with sweet hug cards shaped like their hands.


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