Dayspring Christmas Preview

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It's time for Dayspring's annual Christmas Preview! Christmas is my favorite holiday, I'm so excited to share these lovely things that highlight our Savior.

Our family traditionally puts our Christmas tree up and begins to decorate on Thanksgiving weekend. First, we display a nativity depicting the meaning of Christmas. Then everything else follows. Dayspring has a new nativity ornament that depicts the nativity in such a lovely way. It has a sort of folk art design.

Take a look for yourself. There are little details that I like in so many of them. 

Do you send Christmas cards? Sometimes those are the only greetings we exchange all year with distant friends and relatives. I love reading their updates, and we display all of the cards we receive. When we plan which cards to send, I look as closely at the words on the inside as I do at the pictures on the outside. I like the true meaning of Christmas to be clear and to share that throughout the season. 

They even have an OCC card set! You know I love this! 

My son likes to count-down. He listens to the early morning show on our local Christian radio station and then he quizzes us throughout the day with the trivia he hears. "Do you know how many days are left until Christmas?" is one of his frequent questions. With this chalkboard sign, we can all keep up with the correct answer. 

There is something comforting about candlelight. The peaceful glow when other lights are out and Christmas music is playing softly is so calm. These hurricane lanterns are beautiful. We lit a candle inside one the very first day we opened the box, just to see. The candle light shines through the stars and casts star-shaped lights throughout the room. Unlike traditional hurricane lanterns, these are each one piece, so you do not remove the large cylinder to light the candle inside. I recommend using either long fireplace matches or a long lighter. Each one depicts a scene from the Christmas story on both the front and back, cut out of the metal. One side describes the scene and the other shares a related Scripture reference. 

These are going to be so lovely on our piano. I may just have to begin decorating for Christmas early this year. 

We decorate doors to class rooms a lot, not just for VBS at our Church. My husband and I teach the college/career age Sunday School class with another couple. I think this will be perfect festive decoration for the door to our classroom. This preview has me ready to decorate for Christmas now! 

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Scripture and a Snapshot

You are far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10

     My girls and I spent Saturday at a ladies' retreat. Reflections was the theme, and we were all blessed by the music, the message, and the times of worship and fellowship. While we were gone, lightning hit our modem again, so this is simply a snapshot of the program. 

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Scripture and Snapshot

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Unauthorized by Chara Games

The following is a review of Unauthorized from Chara Games with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

Our family always enjoys playing games together, so Unauthorized was a fun review opportunity. The game is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box slightly larger than two traditional decks of cards. Instructions are included and we were also emailed information.   

The game is built for six to twelve players aged twelve and up, though adaptations can be made both for different groups and ages. It is a Christian strategy game which attempts to portray the difficulties faced by Christians where church is unauthorized.  This video demonstrates how to set up and play the game. There are four rounds, and different actions are played with the cards in each round. 

"If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" That was a line from a popular Christian song when I was a little girl. In UNAUTHORIZED, as in some countries today, Christians are arrested. This game sets up church against state with players in the role of pastor and police trying to sway the other players to join them. I read books as a child about twins, one good, one bad. This game made me think of that series as back then I liked the good twin and thought the actions of the other one were horrid. 

In life, we choose. In the game, playing it means that some people may have to play for a side they wouldn't necessarily support in real life. Pastors preach. Police can imprison and even execute other players! When their are two police, they work together. Other players can work together to sway others, too. In addition to pastor and police, players roles include merchant, musician, matchmaker, and many more. Musicians, for example, try to sway other players opinions by playing music. The thief steals cards from other players. Actions in the game reflect their possible actions in real life. 

Our family played this game at first without completely understanding it. It gets easier to understand, but not necessarily easier to play. Depending on the amount of people playing, two to four people are assigned roles of pastor and police. My daughter said this is different than any other game she's played. Her big sis said "It has clear instructions." That wasn't the opinion of everyone, but we all had fun playing together. Decisions made in each of the rounds influence the final outcome--church or state. I imagine we will be playing this with extended family on vacation next month, too. 

Chara Games shared a hope that UNAUTHORIZED "brings joy to the people gathered around your table as they explore the uncertainty, faith, and courage of the Underground Church!" If you have family game night or enjoy playing games with a group, give this a try, and see if more are loyal to the church or to the state. 

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Unauthorized {Chara Games Reviews}


Scripture and a Snapshot

From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the name of the Lord shall be praised. Psalm 113:3 

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Let The Little Children Come Box Tract

The following is a review of Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract from Let The Little Children Come with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

Some reviews are just all fun. We love these! We received a set of twenty Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tracts from Let The Little Children Come. 

They arrived as flat, perforated printed sheets which also included easy-to-understand assembly instructions. 

These little tracts are very easy to use. The pumpkin folds up like a puzzle, with the colorful panels to the inside, and the question on the outside. They ask the question, "Is there anything better than candy?"  

And the answer, of course there is-- being God's friend. When the pumpkin is unfolded and laid out, it looks like a colorful flower. Each panel is numbered, and answers the question step by step. 

"You can talk to Jesus about this right now. Dear Jesus, I know that I have sinned. I believe that you died on the cross to take the punishment for my sins. Please forgive all my sins. Come into my life and help me turn away from doing wrong. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

Picture instructions are included on each sheet. They are very simple to understand and follow. 

These tracts can be used by themselves; However, when they are folded into a pumpkin shape, the panels form a box which can be used to hold something small. Candy, decorative erasers, stickers, or tiny toys could be hidden inside the paper pumpkin. 

Unfolded, these are about 9" across. When they are folded, they are about 3 1/2" across. The paper has a sort of reinforced laminated plastic coating. They are sturdy enough to hold up for reassembly over and over. 

Our church hosts a fall festival for kids each year. These would be a festive treat to bring to something like that. We come in contact with a lot of kids. Do all of the kids that you know actually know what is better than candy? These tracts can be great conversation starters. 

Actually, they don't even have to be just for kids. The colorful and unique design is eye-catching for any age person. When my kids share music at our local nursing home, they sometimes take small gifts to the residents. These would be just right for sharing with them this fall. 

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Is There Anything Better Than Candy?  {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}

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Kwik Stix 24 Pack

The following Kwik Stix giveaway is sponsored by http://www.thepencilgrip.com
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Scripture and a Snapshot -- Trust

 “O LORD my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me:"  Psalm 7:1

     My husband rescued this kitten this week. It showed up at his work, covered with grease with his back leg hurt, maybe by the guard dog next door to their building. He held her and became her hero. She trusts him. He brought her home, and my daughter bathed her. One of our mama cats cleaned her more and even nursed her. I don't think she'll be leaving our farm. 

     Do you think God uses circumstances in our life to show us His love? Watching this kitten with my husband just made me think of how amazing it is that we can completely put our trust in Him. 
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Our Morning Bible Study

The following is a review of the 10 Minute Bible Journey from Masterbooks.  

We have begun our new school year. Our dining room table is covered with books. We took our school supplies to my parents' house one day this week to work on lessons while spending the day with them, and their dining room table was covered with books. Textbooks, notebooks, teacher guides, binders...I'm pretty sure if we tried to stack it all up it would be over two feet high. There is so much I want to accomplish this year. One senior, one in eighth grade... I still aim for starting each day with Bible study. 

A picture my husband sent me this morning ties in beautifully with the one below from the book. See it here on Instagram

This ebook hasn't added weight to our growing stack of books, but it is impacting our mornings. Sometimes we each do our own Bible studies. We each have verses we are memorizing and books we are reading. But some mornings, we sit around the table together and begin our day reading from the 10 Minute Bible Journey. I saved the ebook to my iPad with Dropbox. We take turns reading. If we do this together once a week, we will complete it in a year. 

These lessons begin in the beginning and progress, in order, through the Bible. There is a passage to read, typically about two pages long, followed by a list of Scripture references used as primary passages, a key verse, and a concise wrap-up. Sometimes there are illustrations. Bonuses are added between some of the lessons; questions are answered or short biographies are shared. I like that the reference passages are from both the Old and New Testaments, showing how the Bible verses are intertwined. 

These 52 lessons can take you and your family through a year of key Bible passages. Lesson 52-- The Hope Of Heaven ends by sharing of our hope of the return of Christ Jesus. Or you could work through it even faster than us. 

I recommend the 10 Minute Bible Journey both for families and for individuals. It is an easy way to read through highlights. It can be further enhanced by following the included guide for reading through the Bible. 

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Disclosure: a download of this ebook was provided for this review. A positive review was not required. This is my honest opinion. 


Our Next Car

The following is a sponsored post for Cars.com.

Are you in the market for a new car? Have you looked lately? Your car shopping can get a makeover with https://www.cars.com/. You can search for just the vehicle you want, a specified price range, even location. There is much more to search, too, and not just for car buyers. Do you have a car to sell? Look for yourself! 

Our Toyota van is now paid off! Sorry about the muddy tires. We are in the outer bands of Hurricane Harvey, and things around here are incredibly muddy. When we first got it, I called it the "granny van" because that was how I felt driving it back then. It was just what we needed with room enough for our family of five plus Granny and Powpow. We weren't planning on a new vehicle when my previous car was hit then totaled; these things aren't always planned because of convenience. We waited about three months before we found just the van we wanted. Our credit union and salesman worked together, and we ended up driving all the way across the state to pick it up. I have no doubt that process could be simplified now with cars.com. 

The very first car I bought myself was a convertible. It was gorgeous! White outside, red trim, and it had both a soft top and a hard top. But when I was expecting my first child, a coworker challenged me to try to put a baby carrier in my pretty little dreamy two door. Goodbye Mustang, hello SUV. We traded the Ford in and got a family friendly Trailblazer. We have had a lot of different vehicles through the years. But right now, if I were to get a new vehicle, I think I would buy something smaller. Much smaller. 

One of my son's dream cars just happened to be the one pictured when I opened the https://www.cars.com/ website! What is your dream car? My oldest daughter has a rare vintage one in mind. I'm still hoping for practicality-- low gas mileage, but I would still want it to be navy blue. I have considered returning to home health, and for a job like that I don't need a big van. I have another senior this year, too, and she is already talking to me about her commute to college. There are many things and people to consider when making a big decision like this! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions shared are 100% my own.