This has been an extremely busy month, but in the middle of the hectic schedule, I have been blessed. Friday I came home with my girls to find my husband with the oven door on the kitchen floor. He took it apart for me and cleaned out the spilled drops of unreachable mess between the panes of glass. It looks new! Saturday night my son helped make cookies (an oh so yummy homemade jar mix that my cousin gifted us with at Christmastime) and we all enjoyed the special treat during our movie night.

     I heard from an old friend this week. Happy tears. Every lost touch with a close friend? I found out she and her family have moved to Belize!!! Catching up was wonderful.

     Another opportunity for connecting with Moms turned into more time with my own Mom. I learned from a friend about saving with coupons and was able to share what I learned and then share supper.

     I found out there is a real reason for several weeks of ear pain. I'm thankful for my awesome nurse practitioner taking time to draw me a diagram of my ear and explain my diagnosis of Eustachian tube dysfunction which I had never heard of before. Again, I'm also very thankful for modern medicine that seems to already be working. My Granny has also improved so much, I'm thankful for attentive medical professionals. It is amazing how much difference small kindnesses can make.

     We have had several new opportunities this week and a few more to look forward to.

     A dear homeschooling Mom is becoming a closer friend, and for that I am so thankful.

     Our little business which I signed up for my girls is growing!

     Silly things that make me smile like the computer asking me to verify that I'm not a robot. really!

     Today I was thankful for wonderful smells- fresh oranges shared with the kids and made into delicious juice, our favorite hot soup on a chili evening, and clean air while I watched them play outside.

     The gentle motion and sounds of nature while I sat on the front porch swing at dusk,

     Teaching cursive writing,

     many more than are listed here...

2005 and counting
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  1. Your husband cleaned the oven, I am so jealous, mine would never think to do that. But I still wouldn't trade him. Kudos to your hubby he did a great job:)


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