Baking tips with Equal Sucralose

     Two weeks ago I shared with you about baking cookies with Equal Sucralose for my Grandparents. Today I learned even more about these canisters and am excited to be able to share with you. (I have a few coupons to share, too!)

     This morning my kiddos went with me to Walmart for our weekly shopping trip for my Grandparents. While we were there I had the interesting experience of interviewing Mr. Betts who is the director of marketing and strategic planning for Merisant which is the parent company of Equal. He shared that in addition to the familiar blue packets (which I enjoyed sprinkled on peanut butter when it first came out) and this new yellow canister, they also have pink and green products similar to other sweeteners.

     Since the kids were with me, Heather took pictures to record the interview on the sugar aisle. Mr. Betts shared about cooking with Equal Sucralose, how some recipes work beautifully with their products. These Thumbprint Cookies may be the ones he told me were so good. See more cooking and baking tips here. One difference in baking is how sugar caramelizes. A tip for browning cookies is shared at that link. Equal Sucralose can be substituted in equal volume for sugar to make a big change in calorie count in your favorite recipes. They even have a whole website devoted to sharing with us about cooking and baking with Equal. (And stores where this new product is available are listed on the website, too!) Some of these recipes look so yummy. I want to try this recipe first ~ Bittersweet Chocolate Torte!

 Doesn't that look scrumptious? 

     When I mentioned that my Grandparents are diabetics, Mr. Betts shared that many customers who use their products are also in that population. There is another section of the Equal website that is all about living with diabetes! I know how happy it makes Powpow when he gets to try a new sweet treat, and I'm looking forward to looking through the recipes with him and letting him pick something out.

Are you interested in trying it? Mr. Betts graciously shared coupons that I get to share with you. Click over to the website referenced above and then come back and leave a comment about which recipe you would like to try first. Then e-mail me. I'll mail $2 off coupons (which you can use in the stores listed here) for the first 10 of you to e-mail me at mommiejennblogs@gmail.com.

    Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias and with #EqualSucralose at Walmart in Denham Springs, La. All opinions are my own.


  1. Jennifer, I am so happy to see this new product from Equal. Cooking flavorful sweets without sugar can become a culinary art. With Equal Sucralose,the diabetic can enjoy many special sweets. I am glad you provided the links to recipes and helpful diabetic suggestions.

  2. I have a coupon for you!

    Page views are high here, but comments and coupon requests aren't. I'm sharing the rest of the coupons with friends nearby who can use them, but will reserve 2 for the next two people who request them. Just comment and e-mail me. :)


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