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     We have an interesting twist for this week's blog cruise. The question presented was for our kids: "What do you like best about homeschooling?" You know what I like, so maybe reading a different "glimpse of our life" will interest you.
     Heather's opinion: "I like homeschooling because I don't have to wake up early or do homework. If we don't like a certain curriculum, then we can do something else. Or if we do like it, we can use it again. We can take a break after a while of doing school if we need to. We usually read our Bibles or Bible stories each morning before school starts. I also like that we can all three study and do our school work together rather than be in separate classrooms. I like that we can learn business skills by having our own Lilla Rose business. I enjoy being home and helping cook lunch or supper. And I like having Mommy as my teacher."
     Emily's answer: "I am free to do stuff like get water and stay in my pajamas and stay home and it is much more fun. I get to learn a lot of interesting facts. I like to do my school and my music. I also like to play outside with our animals."
     Joseph's answer: "We get to go on field trips and see friends. We get to see things like how pottery is made and watch other people make it. We get to go places like camping even when it is a school day. We don't have to do school assignments on Saturday. (I think he is referring to homework, which they don't do.) We get to play."

     See what other children of reviewers on the TOS homeschool review crew share here. (link available after Tuesday.)


  1. Do all crew members post of thee Blog cruise questions? I need to ask my kids and see what they come up with. I do occasionally ask them if they want to go back to school and they say NO WAY so that is good I guess:)

  2. The blog cruise is optional for crewmates. It is a fun way to share with others beyond our review posts.


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