a rainbow across the world

      Today I spoke with a man in India. I called about my missing credit card statement, but the call ventured to such topics as travel and weather. Apparently though it is dry here, they are having a lot of rain. I heard a smile in his voice as he shared that he just saw a rainbow. Looking back, I wonder why I did not even think to share that I see rainbows as God’s promise and am thankful to God each time I see one? He asked the time here. 2 in the afternoon compared to his 12 at night. We talked of him never visiting America and me never going to India, but not of God. I ended the call with “God Bless You” and “thank you” but never shared my faith. One call in so many made, and I didn’t share my faith. Again. When do you share with others about the most basic truth in this life? On the phone? Online? God sent his son to save this fallen world that He created. Jesus died for us, and then He rose again. Does this fit naturally for you in your everyday conversations? 



  1. Great post! I am working on sharing about Jesus fitting more naturally into my conversations with strangers, but it is difficult! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a good reminder. After reading your post I thought a bit about all of the times that I have the opportunity to share about Christ but don't. And I'm a full time missionary!

    Great post.

    Tim from the crew

  3. this has been my prayer, that the Lord would allow me to speak of Him in all situations. Thank you for your sweet and gentle reminder.

  4. I struggle with this too when I get a telemarketer call - I know deep down I should be nice and bring up my Faith but I'm hurried and want to get off, they are interrupting. I should know better, having worked as a telemarketer - and yes the rude people do ruin your attitude for the rest of the shift. It's hard to know when to keep talking and when you really need to go sometimes. Great post to think about.

    Sarah B from the Crew


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