Homeschool Crew Review: Visual Latin

     For this review of Visual Latin we were given a DVD of the first 10 lessons. Also included are downloadable resources to accompany the lessons. These lessons are shared in an engaging manner; all three of my children enjoyed watching, learning, and laughing with the DVD. This is available as a download for $25 or $30 DVD.

     There are 4 introductory lessons which cover tips and recommendations for studying and learning Latin, and these also apply in many other learning situations. The instructor of this program directs students to additional resources, he does not pretend that this is all you need for learning Latin. For example, he recommends students have a Latin grammar and a Latin Bible to enhance their studies. These first lessons could also be used as a tool to share with anyone who questions why you are teaching Latin to your children.

     In addition to the 4 introductory lessons, we received the first 10 lessons on DVD. Lesson one begins with verb conjugation as well as a clear explanation of what exactly verb conjugation are and how this relates to English and Latin. You can see a full lesson online. The first lesson is split  into three sections. Students watch each section followed by completing a one page worksheet.

     English  grammar rules are shared liberally throughout the lessons. In lesson one, for example: "a predicate nominative is a noun that follows a linking verb and renames the subject of the sentence" describing the Latin sentence illustrated on a chalkboard.  

     Lessons are split into three sections. Though the introductory and first several lessons are in English, in later lessons the reading sections are entirely spoken in Latin. They are slowly, with subtitles, and easy to follow.

     Check it out for yourself: six free lessons for everyone interested in Visual Latin: 4 intro lessons and 2 full lessons! 
Visual Latin lessons are available on DVD as I reviewed as well as online and as downloads. 

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     *Here is a gift for $10 you can use on any Visual Latin product. If you haven’t purchased the Visual Latin series yet, this will help you start; or if you’d like to get the first set of Latin 2, use it that way. Just use it quickly: it’s only good through Friday, October 21.    Gift Code: OCT$10 

     Disclaimer: As a reviewer for the 2011-2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I was given a copy of this DVD for the purpose of this review. Be sure to check out other reviews at the TOSHomeschool Crew Blog.



  1. Looks great..little pricey, but nice!

  2. I love this Latin program - a great value! And, the teacher is fun (how many fun teachers do you remember?) Nice review, stopping by from the Crew.

  3. We recently discovered Visual Latin and my kids LOVE it! Dwayne is a funny - and real - teacher; I even enjoy sitting down and learning along with them.

    Definitely takes the "dead" out of this language - who says you can't have fun with Latin?!

  4. We recently discovered this course and my kids LOVE it! I even enjoy sitting down and watching it along with them! Dwayne is funny and real, and definitely takes the "dead" out of the language...

    Who says you can't have fun learning Latin?


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