Fall Colors

     While vacationing, we saw beautiful changes in the leaves, reds, bright yellows, oranges, and browns mixed with the greens. Here, fall colors are a bit different.

     While sitting near the arbor with Heather, I looked around and thought that I need to trim all the dead growth around what had been pretty this spring. Then we were surprised to see this.
     My Mom fed the animals while we were gone, and joked with us that we had watermelon vines growing all the way to China. This started as a "lasagna garden," and everything growing in it just sprouted from the compost.

     This is the largest our bananas have ever grown. They have never been edible yet. Maybe this will be the year we can actually try them. For the past two years they have fallen off the tree when no more than three inches long. Some of these are longer than five inches! 

     But parts are already falling.

     Also under the banana tree are these dainty little flowers.

     Our yellow is the sneezing variety. As if this isn't enough the evoke sneezing, I spilled a jar of red pepper from a high shelf as I was preparing chili earlier. I'm still sneezing.

     I think this is poison ivy, though too high up to get a close look. 
     Next spring, this plant is my only planned purchase for our flower bed. It thrived all spring and summer and still has a few blooms left. Portulaca also called moss rose, I was told it will even grow in sand. 

     A week ago I discovered this camellia bloom to be. None of these mushrooms were here just one week ago!

     Isn't it pretty underneath?



  1. You have bananas! So cool. I love your arbor.

  2. Briana, We are all amazed at these bananas. I hope they continue to grow.

  3. Where do you live that you have Bananas? I love that your compost heap has brought you a surprise hope it fully ripens before the first frost!

  4. We are in sunny hot and humid Louisiana. I have my doubts about the watermelons developing, but maybe if we do some kind of greenhouse roof over them. hum.

  5. Bananas - cool! Love that blue flower - do you know what it is? Maybe some type of morning glory? Beautiful shade of blue...

  6. Becky, yes they are morning glories. The girls planted them with my Mom and we thought they weren't going to bloom. There were more on top of the arbor today!

  7. What an amazing garden with amazing plants


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