Our Curriculum Plans (as they stand so far) for 2011-2012


     A few years ago I reserved the top shelf here for the current school year's curriculum. This year, three shelves and the top are full and that isn't even everything that we are using. (The bottom shelf is filled with scrapbooks.) This week my children are beginning 2nd, 6th, and 8th grades.

     Our plans will change. As I review, I add and replace things as they work for us. I also overplan. If you are looking at this post for direction, please do not let it overwhelm you. We will not be completing everything that I list here; it is just a starting point.

     While attending our state homeschool convention this spring, I spent most of my free time at the Classical Conversation's booth. Since then I have read and re-read Leigh Bortin's book The Core. I like the concept behind her program, but am not joining in a group an hour away and adding even more time in the van to my children's lives. She clearly shared how to teach geography, and I've enjoyed doing that with my children already. I did purchase her Foundations guide, audio CD (which we started listening to and then lost- I hope it turns up soon,) media disk, note cards, and Verita's Press History cards. The groups are doing cycle 3 this year, and the content merged well with plans I had already made, so we will be beginning that cycle as well. American history and geography as well as human anatomy facts are featured.

     Our true "core" will be the Bible. Though we won't use it for every subject, it is our ultimate source for truth. The kids and I have been memorizing more this year, and will continue with our current plans, adding in verses from lessons as well.

     For science, last year we discovered Virtual Homeschool Group. My 8th grader will be using that resource again, this time for Apologia's Biology. Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation series has been a hit with my children, and my 2nd and 6th graders will be using her newest book in the series: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. I have been collecting many resources to accompany this, including worksheets and books from other Moms, models of a heart, skeleton, and muscles, and a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. Another Mom also gave me a wonderful idea for science experiments. Though I have allowed the girls to be more independent, I have guided my son through experiments in the past. She suggested gathering materials ahead of time and putting all supplies with the book on a table for independent exploration. I tend to stop him when he is doing something the wrong way, and I like the idea of letting him learn through his mistakes in a structured manner.

     My 8th grader will be continuing with Life of Fred math which she enjoys, my 6th grader will use Teaching Textbooks, and my 2nd grader will continue with Rod and Staff math. All three still have subscriptions to Mathletics.

Language Arts

     Two of our favorite reviews last year were Latin for Children and IEW. We are continuing both of those programs. My oldest daughter is using TWSS. My 6th grader will be completing U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, which will blend well with our history lessons. The girls are both using Easy Grammar, and they each picked one guide from Learning Language Arts through Literature. I'm continuing Joseph's 1st grade grammar that we didn't complete (wait- am I not supposed to be that transparent here?!)  

 Geography and History 
     We have plans to travel this fall to quite a few states that I have never seen. We started a state study last year when we participated in a postcard swap, but I plan to go in depth a bit more with that this year. That will merge well with the CC US history facts. I'm still considering ordering the Adventures student sheets from My Father's World for my son. The Road to Revolution game will be a fun addition to our American History. We will also continue to add to our timeline book

     The first year that I homeschooled both girls, I showed my plans to a more experienced homeschooling Mom (was I seeking her approval?) I remember her saying I was heavy on the plans for music. I still am! Heather has now been playing violin for more than half of her life. Both girls take violin and piano lessons. Joseph has been taking piano lessons for almost a year now, and he is excited (as I am, too) to begin viola this fall.

     We all enjoy art, but aren't following one specific program for that this year (no surprise, right?) I'll continue working with them using Drawing With Children as my teacher's guide. Heather has several books from Artistic Pursuits that she is continuing to use. We are also using some art books from ABeka. 

     I enjoy getting ideas from other homeschoolers, and am linking up with Heart of the Matter's 3rd Annual Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.
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  1. Looks great! I am on TOS Crew this year as well, so I understand the need to be flexible!

  2. Hi, Jennifer. Stopping by from the HOTM blog hop. We're using Apologia anatomy this year, too. I can't wait to get started with it. Hope you have a fantastic school year with your children!

  3. Great line-up! We are also using Apologia, but are starting with Botany and can't wait! I hopped over here from HOTM's NOT Back to School Blog Hop! I do hope you'll head over to see what's going on at our homeschool!
    Thank you for sharing, and have a great year!

  4. Overplanning isn't so bad! It's nice to have a variety of resources and ideas. Good luck with school this year!

  5. Yay for a fun year of plans! We did part of the Anatomy book this past year and loved it.

  6. I'm an over-planner too! That's one of the reasons I have a blog - I figure at least someone will use all the great plans that we don't quite get to. :-)

  7. What a fun year you have planned! I always tend to be heavy on the fine arts, but it is a bonus of being a homeschooler, right?

  8. My homeschool books are beginning to runneth over too... and I only have one student right now (and a little brother hot on his heels).

  9. Overplanning is great... if you realize you don't have to check everything off! This I have learned from personal experience! Looks like you are going to have a great year.

    ~ Ellen

  10. MusicalMary, being flexible was one of the keys repeated throughout OT school.

    Marsha and Tristan, we started it yesterday and already have the apple experiment in progress on the kitchen counter. This is going to be fun!

    Any, Valerie, and Ellen- over planners unite! (Ellen it was freeing when I first learned that I didn't have to complete everything.

    Jennifer, one of the many bonuses! I like being able to plan it without having to always just follow someone else's plans.

    Jade, it is so amazing to see the little brother picking up on the older ones lessons, even from a very young age. My son learns so much from his sisters.

    Thank you all for stopping by. I'm enjoying the HOTM blog hop and visiting you, too!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful school year this year! :)


  12. I have a sixth grader too!

    Sounds like you have a great year planned.

    I had not heard of U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons...I may have to check that out...sounds interesting.

  13. Thanks, Lynn

    Theresa, we spent a while using those Friday morning, and I my daughters both enjoyed doing their assignments. I am so happy with this set I'll be sharing more about it in its own blog post.

  14. I'm an overplanner too who also reserves the right to change her mind about curriculum at any time in the year!

    It sounds like it will be a really good year.

  15. Looks good! I have some really great things that we still use from the Crew last year too! I can't wait to see what we are blessed with this year!

    Thanks for linking up with me. it has been fun reading what everyone else is using.



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