unending thankfulness

Continuing  to count unending blessings through #1203

fingers covered with paint
new books
school supplies
glasses used
tea together
tears shed
new recipe- successful
little boy happy in superhero pjs
fog over the pond
banana leaves moving in the breeze
rain on tin roof
hero husband
good examples



  1. I love this idea of counting your blessings. I think it is the secret of finding joy in the little things. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your list! Hero husband and little boys in super hero pjs have been on my list too

  3. Rachel, my outlook has changed since I have changed my focus. It is easy to be negative, but when I open my eyes to the beauty of God's creation all around me and see so many blessings- my whole attitude has changed.

    Our family, it is fun to see similarities.


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