"Bereavement is a universal and integral part of our experience of love." C.S. Lewis

     As I gather my Bible and things for church, I contemplate taking the cell phone along in the car. Sunday morning drives were one of the typical whole family together times to call my Dad. That he is gone hits me full force every time I think that I no longer need the phone for calling him.



  1. I miss my Daddy, too.

  2. Jennifer, I am so sorry. This really touched me. I call my dad almost every other day, so I know about the connection there.

    I have done the same wth my Mamaw. I would go to pick up the phone to talk, ask for her wonderful advice, just need to hear her sweet little voice and then realize, I just can't anymore. Someday, I will. Someday I will talk & talk & talk to her. What a day that will be! Will be in prayer for you.

  3. Oh Nancy, I'm sorry.

    Jamie, yes. What a day that will be! Thanks for your prayers.


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