thankful to be a Mom

a glimpse of this week's list:

through 907 and continuing…

heron at edge of pond, daily
field trip with friends
fun learning "the way things were"
fingers on piano keys
music shared
end in sight
family here
outside games
projects completed
new beginnings
family together
chores done willingly
blessings of and from my three children
being able to worship in church together
flowers, planted with children, blooming
sweet smelling roses
God's word being memorized



  1. Not here from Ann’s link – just came to read you. First – I covet your near thousandness!!! Second - my fave is - sweet smelling roses. It was my mom’s flower. But she hated when we bought them because they died so fast. So we did anyway – and she’d cry – and they’d die – and she’d say I told you so. It was a whole deal. A tradition. (doing chores willingly – a close second) This was awesome, Jennifer, smiling from ear to ear. Thank you. God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  2. Thanks, Craig. I love roses but can't grow them. We got some for my Granny and my MIL for Mother's Day, and in church all of the Moms were given a rose. But the most beautiful ones were some my Great Uncle grew and brought to my Granny. They smell wonderful. Thank you again for your kind words. Keep up the thankfulness!


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