from my Mom's i-phone...

Yes, in some things my Mom is much more techie than I am. I walked home from her house and found a page of e-mails from her with pictures on her phone from the past year. I'm sharing a few of my favorites.
Pappy sharing his expertise with Joseph.
This is my parent's dog Hope or "Opie" because when her favorite person was very little she had trouble saying Hope. 

Almost weekly when my parents are going somewhere to eat, the kids join them. This is outside one of their favorite "local" restaurants.
This is the "Jennifer bush" Azelea at the edge of their driveway.

Joseph after his haircut from Grandmommie.
The kids decorated treats with Grandmommie before going to an egg hunt at Powpow's church.

Thanks, Mamma, and Happy Mother's Day. I love you!

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