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Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

     Each spring, my husband's parents venture South toward warmer weather and hugs from Grandkids. They stay with us, in their camper, in our yard, for about a month. This year they arrived a little later than usual, but just in time for the kid's music recital tonight.

     Knowing they were coming, I've been cleaning a lot lately. However, I did some major cleaning out of "my office" which resulted in big piles of clutter to sort through scattered throughout the main living area of the house. When I read of the homemakers 31 days to clean challenge, I hoped it would help me. I downloaded the e-book and signed up for the challenge. A link is in the picture above in case you want to see more about that.

     As I got the e-book a week ago I hoped I could somehow fast-track and do it all in the week before Grandma and Grandpa arrived. I didn't. I did however do the first steps. My fridge was cleaned out (including smelly spilled yeast) just in time to fill it back up with foods we prepared for the pot-luck at the recital and our big family weekend. If you are still working on your fridge, here is a tip from my Father-in-law: use toothpaste. I used a toothbrush to scrub in the small spaces under the water coil that the yeast had fallen into. Toothpaste helps get the odors out. Another tip- adding water to yeast makes it sticky; yes, wiping it with a warm cloth made quite a mess.

     I tried the 6-list advice, but think I set my goals too high. I wrote down six projects that I have been wanting to complete for a while now. I did get to cross one thing off my list. I think I failed that assignment though. I didn't even make a list the next day.

     I didn't get the one-week to clean version, but the piles have been cleared away (except for my bedroom floor.) I'm planning to stick with this as it has been encouraging to work through the challenges and see some success.
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