Valentine's blessings and a perfectly timed swap

     The box from my swap sister arrived on Valentine's Day. Already a fun filled happy day, we ended it with Chocolate iced strawberry heart shaped cupcakes with sprinkles! My two favorite things in the box are the dish cloths and the tea- honey vanilla chamomile is my new favorite, so yummy! Our dishwasher just broke and I'm enjoying the "pop of color" these cheerful cloths add to the not always enjoyed task of dish washing. She also included such a sweet note, and a few things you may not be able to see so well in my photo. The key chain is perfect- I have not lost my keys in my purse since I started using it. There are 2 packs of pretty scrapbook paper, and colored index cards. This was my first time to participate in the swap at HSBA and it was so much fun shopping and sharing as well as enjoying my surprises! 

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  1. I'm inspired and signing up! tks, kelli
    oh, and i'm your new follower on google friend!


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