unending thankfulness

a glimpse of this week's list:

through 628 and continuing…

catching up
art outside
beautiful perfect weather
sunlight through colored glass
sink full of soapy hot water
new gloves
finding something special for my Granny
my son asking to wash dishes!!!!
big sis helping little brother
daffodils blooming
a skunk in the road NOT hit!
family time
sounds of springtime and life
concert tickets
green train on porch rail
bike rides
fresh sheet of paper
secrets from children :)
refreshing breeze
eggs in planter, again
leaf rubbings
lessons planned
snake killed
Mitch's calm demeanor
bike rides together



  1. I didn't come from Anne's I just stopped by to read you - and forgot it was Monday and there would be a list here.

    And so my fave? The breeze" one - I thought immediately of the wind and how it is like God - flowing through everything - mysterious beginnings, touching us directly - thank you for that.

    God Bless

  2. all beautiful blessing (expect the snake one LOL can't really say beautiful but happy that it's gone!!!) my favorite is sunlight through colored glass!!!!

    Have a blessed day

  3. Great list! I love the sounds of spring starting! :)


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