DNG Review: Expedition Ireland

Expedition Ireland
     Several years ago a friend honeymooned in Ireland and was able to tour many castles there. My Granny, with an Irish heritage, has always shared a dream of travelling to Ireland. I’ve also wanted to visit that country and was happy for the opportunity to participate in this review of Expedition Ireland. 

     The music accompanying the videos gave an authentic feel to our study, and I played some of the beautiful classical pieces again and again.  One of the many video links showed an aerial view over much of Ireland including glimpses of many castles. I told my Granny of the beautiful scenery and plan to share a lot of the study with her when she visits our house as there is no internet access at her house.

     As I have not visited Ireland or even researched Ireland before, many of the area’s natural resources and attractions were not known to me. We learned of the Giant’s Causeway, Connemara ponies, and  all on the first day. As my girls love horses, the information about the Connemara ponies especially interested them.

    Though Irish is not a language (as we learned) this study included an Irish word of the day for each day of the 5 day unit study. 
Expedition Ireland

 View a sample of this unit study.
    From the website:
"What do your kids know about the Emerald Isle—one of the world's most beautiful countries?
Day 1: Where on Earth Is Ireland?
Day 2: Some of the Special Places in Ireland
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know About Ireland
Day 5: Fun and Games in Ireland
Most kids know something about Saint Patrick and shamrocks, but there's so much more to this study!
From ponies and setters to the language, people, and shamrock-laden places, you'll catch a child's attention when you uncover Ireland's age-old charm. Explore related science, history, and geography themes through a wonderful adventure, learning about this country and all that it holds."

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Disclaimer: A copy of this DNG unit study was provided for my family to use for the purpose of this review.

     You can follow more of the blog tour here.


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