the camp

Each time we pack up to leave the camp, we discuss plans to return. “We need to plan a work day.” Or “we could leave when I get off work one Thursday and spend a long weekend.” To all of us, the camp is a retreat. There is no phone, but in this technological world we live in, we both have cell phones, so we aren’t completely disconnected from the rest of the world. It’s the day to day responsibilities that are left behind, I think, that add to the enjoyment of our trips there. My parents take care of our animals back home, and work responsibilities are completely forgotten, for the trip. Memories of trips from the past also make it special. “The Camp” is how it has been labeled all my life. My Pappow built it soon after land was being developed in the area. He called it the Wheel House, and has old wagon wheels forming the deck, but the name somehow didn’t stick. It is located at the end of what was before an old logging road. The camp is built up on a hill, one side into the hill, the other side with a deck facing the lake, about 10 feet above the ground below. Looking through the leaves of the palm tree Pappow planted and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees, you see the pier jutting out into Toledo Bend lake, what I had been taught is the largest man-made lake in the world. I’ve recently been researching as I don’t want to teach the kids just “what I think” but in fact “what I know to be true.” In fact, that isn’t true, but I did find out Toledo Bend is the largest man-made lake in the south and the fifth largest in surface area in the United States. It is in Louisiana and Texas; we are on the La side. Along with fishing, I usually plan some unusual craft to do while we are there. Two years in a row we went before Christmas and made homemade ornaments to share throughout the holidays. This time we played games and started our new family Bible study. It was a quick trip, two nights tacked onto the end of the 4H trip for the horse show last week. The girls took turns helping cook. Joseph enjoyed watching the alligator gar with Mitch using flashlights after dark. Maybe we can return soon.


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