Powpow's Garden

Watching loved ones age can be hard. My Powpow is the best gardener I know. He plants and cares for his garden so completely. He has slowly stopped doing things he loves, driving for example, has been turned over to my parents, my husband, and me. He will not stop gardening. Mamma helped him with a small garden near his house; now he has two gardens! After another fall, he recently asked that I help him pick the vegetables he has grown. Sunday, my time picking okra in Powpow’s garden felt like a walk through a forest, the plants were as high as my shoulder; early in the morning, fog still hovered over the pond, and there was just a little chill in the air.Today, it felt more like a jungle. We had a later start, humidity was high. The rain we have been blessed with is helping, and the plants were covered with pale yellow flowers with dark crimson centers, so pretty. The kids helped me pick the squash and beans today, then we brought it to Mowmow and Powpow’s house. She shared some of the best squash casserole I have ever tasted. I’ll share that recipe with you when I know I have the measurements right. Last year, she also taught me and the girls how to can pears. This garden blesses the whole family all year long.


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