weekend in Memphis

When I was little, I always enjoyed visiting my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Their home always seemed calm, fun, and homey. When my aunt invited me to see a play in Memphis, I quickly said yes. My cousin opened the invitation to stay with her to our whole family, and it was a taste of my childhood all over again. We had homemade breakfasts, and I enjoyed watching the gourmet creations come together. Blueberries and cream cheese in a breakfast casserole, so yummy. I've been looking for new ways to use blueberries since we still have a few bags in the freezer from last year.
On our way to the theatre we walked on Beale street and ate supper. It almost felt like I was back in New Orleans, where I lived for part of college. We went to the Orpheum theatre to see "Wicked." I was a little questioning the first time I heard the name, but a dear friend had shared her enjoyment after seeing it in New York. It is all fictional, of course, based on a book written as if to give you a "behind the scenes" picture of "The Wizard of Oz." The announcer before the show told us all "You will never watch 'The Wizard of Oz' the same way again." I won't, either.
I wonder at times about how people turn out, and what lead up to them being the way they are. This play gives another perspective to that question. Things are so often not how they appear, and if you take the time to get to know someone you get such a different picture. I know with God in your life, everything is different because we have hope and a future. This was not represented, but it was visible.
While we were planning the trip my cousin shared an e-mail with free museum admission in Memphis for 3 months! What a blessing. (By the way the offer has expired.) We went to the Pink Palace and enjoyed the dinasaur exhibit. One of Joseph's favorite movies is "Night at the Museum" which he calls "Rexi" so we were excited to give him the opportunity to see dinasour bones.  In the planetarium we all learned we can see Venus in the early morning.
My Aunt took us by her favorite spice store and now I have a few new goodies to try in my own recipes. My first plan is making vanilla sugar with the whole vanilla beans. She also shared of a precious ministry she is a part of, making tiny outfits for premie babies. She shared the beautiful pictures, the tiniest smocked dresses you can imagine. My kids especially enjoyed visiting with everyone and going swimming.
Sunday morning we were blessed attending their church. Their pastor shared about their involvement in the community and how a neighbor was helping them, too. Instead of just ending the trip and driving straight home, we went back to the museum again for more dinasaur bone viewing- so cool. Then downtown, we just drove by Graceland. We went and watched the ducks at the Peabody.


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