25 random things

I was recently "tagged" on Facebook to share 25 random things about myself. After completing the list I decided to share it here, too.
1. At 25 I was about to be a new Mommie.

2. I have already worked my dream job (NICU OT) and left it. Maybe I'll look into that again when my kids are grown.

3. Moving back "home" near my parents and Grandparents was a great decision.

4. My wonderful husband built our house. That amazes me.

5. I enjoy homeschooling our kids.

6. Nothing in life prepared me enough for parenting, especially our son.

7. My girls and I have fun cooking together.

8. Being more organized may be on my to do list for the rest of my life.

9. I try to stay positive.

10. Its more fun to be with a small group or even one friend than to spend much time in a crowd, to me.

11. Pedicures and cheesecake are wonderful indulgances.

12. I'm having fun learning blogging. I got accepted to be on the TOS homeschool crew, and get to review and share about things I like!!!

13. The church where Mitch and I met, married, attended 10 years, and had our first two baby dedications still feels like our home church. Even though we moved away 6 years ago.

14. We live on a farm, of sorts. I was scared of many animals as a child. Now I will chase the dog away to rescue a baby chicken, only for my kids.

15. I enjoy reading. I'm working on reading the whole Bible. I can still remember my Grandmother sharing how many times she read through her Bible.

16. My favorite vacation spot is the beach.

17. I love the way my husband's family plans vacation together- every year. It saddens me that my family has drifted apart, mostly since the loss of some of my Grandparents.

18. Sourdough bread, food sauteed in an iron skillet, and sheets dried outside are all wonderful smells.

19. I like to sew, but don't make much time for it.

20. I want to share the love of Jesus where I am.

21. I have two Dads. I call them both Daddy. My Mom remarried when I was very young.

22. What I think at the time are big problems, my husband Mitch calmly gives me easy solutions to.

23. Early mornings are a great time to be awake, while the house is still quiet.

24. My oldest daughter has been working on teaching me how to play the piano. My kids are all much more disciplined to practice than I am.

25. I believe people are more important than things, and time is more valuable than money.


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