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For this review, we received a full annual subscription to IXL Learning which includes both a student subscription for my son and also a parent subscription.  IXL Learning is an online program to enhance a student’s performance in multiple subjects. They offer math and language arts from pre-K through 12th grade, science and social studies from 2nd through 8th grades, and Spanish for all ages. They also offer a Spanish version of their program. There is an iPhone app which allows practice in the math and language arts sections for any grade on a mobile device. My son preferred using his computer to access the program compared to the comparatively small iPhone screen. It offered larger pictures which was helpful with the math graphics and offered complete access to all sections of IXL Learning. For the math section, he also needed a pencil and paper to work out many of the problems. 

There is no way to capture all 309 Algebra I skills that IXL covers in one or even two screenshots.  The program gives a comprehensive review of skills that my son needs to learn this year. Algebra with my son has been a challenge for me as his teacher, and I like the way this program both rewards his successes and explains how to do the problems that he misses. He can then practice those problems until he attains mastery of those skills. He spent about four to five hours a week for the past six weeks, spread over three to four days each week. 

One special area in the IXL program is their diagnostics arena. My gamer son did joke that it was disappointing he couldn’t play in the arena, but instead he completed questions they offered which helped the program pinpoint areas in which he needed more practice. The website called it “practice that feels like play.” My son has enjoyed this more than his book and worksheet lessons lately. Before we went to observe our local circuit judge and participate in a mock trial, I had him refresh his knowledge about the judicial system in the social studies section. 

While accessing the parent section is helpful including the diagnostics, it must be viewed on my computer and not my phone. I especially appreciate the frequent email updates. As he reaches new milestones or completes skill sections, unless I was sitting with him, their emails are my first notification of his progress. 

Students can work at their own pace, even different grade levels for different subjects! My son (9th grade) let me know that the diagnostics placed him in a higher level for language arts, then I received the following in an email: 

We previously used IXL when my son was in the 5th grade; you can read that review here. We have found the IXL Learning program to be beneficial and will be continuing to use this subscription. I recommend it to homeschool families who need extra practice in specific areas or need help pinpointing specific areas to address. They also offer classroom options.

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