The following resources were provided by IXL for the purpose of this TOS Schoolhouse Crew review.

When my girls were younger, we tried IXL, but the program has changed a lot. For this review, my son used the 5th grade IXL math and IXL language arts components and my 9th grade daughter used the geometry section. IXL Math covers PreK through Precalculus.  IXL Language Arts covers Grades 2-8.

More and more "awards" appear on the grid with practice. 

"What is a predicate?" Yes, my 5th grade son really asked me that, and no I was not alarmed by the question. Our homeschool isn't a typical classroom with a checklist of things that should be covered in each grade, at least it is no longer that way. My oldest daughter got more "school at home" until we learned better. Now, lessons are more applicable because the kids learn in context. So when this 5th grade language lesson in IXL introduced the term predicate I was able to relate it to something he already knew (verb) and he moved on with the lesson. 

In that way, this program does include information that my son has not been taught. Since it is set up more as a review than as actual lessons, there are things expected that I need to work through with him. So we do, and it fits our style. It did frustrate him to see his score decline each time he missed a question. For the sections that were most frustrating, I sat with him to see just what we needed to focus on next.

The setup of the online version and the app which is only available for math are completely different. (Note: The last week we did this, I noticed an update for the IXL app. Now we can also access Language Arts.) Using the IXL app does require an internet connection.

In therapy, I like to start and end each session with something my patient can successfully accomplish. This same plan is useful with my son. When I realized that the language arts components of IXL did not have to be done in order, his acceptance of the program increased. I chose the synonym activity which I knew he would understand, and he happily watched his total score grow. 

Joseph enjoys awards. The certificates and awards built into the program are motivating to him. 

An annual subscription for one child for math is $79; for math AND Language Arts, it would be $129.  For two children for math, it is $99 for the year; for math and language arts, it would be $149.

Emily (my ninth grade daughter) used this as a supplement for her geometry lessons. "When I used the IXL app for math I found that each of the lessons helped me not only to learn the different math concepts but also to remember them. The different categories makes this app easy to use. You are also able to earn prizes after completing certain tasks." She wasn't as motivated by the prizes as my son, but she did appreciate the practice. 

This program is intended as a supplement, though with a little bit of instruction from me my son was able to use the language arts component as his core language curriculum.

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