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The following is a review of Exploring Creation With Health and Nutrition By Dr. Laura Chase from Apologia Educational Ministries with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

We were privileged to review the brand new Health and Nutrition Basic Set from Apologia Educational Ministries. The set includes both a hardback textbook and a student workbook as well as their classic online access to additional resources. Answers to each chapter’s study guide are available online, too. 

One of our favorites throughout our family’s 15+ years of homeschooling has been Apologia science. It was recommended to me years ago as a new homeschool mom filled with questions. New books keep being added to their selections as if they were timed just for us. Their elementary science series was completed by my oldest daughter before they started including workbooks, and they keep improving. Health is one of the recommended courses in our state for students planning to attend college, and having my son work through Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Health And Nutrition set fit perfectly into my son’s high school plan. 

This high school health and nutrition course can be completed either in one year or in one semester. Schedules are provided for both plans. We chose the one year plan, and my son will be continuing it throughout his ninth grade year. He is currently working through module three.  

Joseph’s view:  
I like the easy-going pace. The way the modules are set up and the way it delivers each topic makes it easy to understand. To make sure you understand it, it has thought-provoking questions. Some of the things I have learned about are mental illnesses and parts of the brain and what they control.”    
He has completed these lessons independently without complaints. At times, we have discussed the lesson and I’ve added personal details to make them even more relevant to him. I enjoyed listening to both views as he and his sister answered the same questions about him to complete a personality type test.  

The spiral bound workbook has the same questions and activities that are in the book, but they are formatted with plenty of space to actually write out complete answers. Tests are also in the workbook and are presented in formats including multiple choice, fill in the blank, and labeling diagrams. Questions give insight into proper health and nutrition in depth going into topics such as clear communication, personal boundaries as well as physical and sensory traits including color blindness and pain receptors. 

This curriculum is written from a Christian perspective, and the Bible is referred to throughout the text. 


The fifteen modules of this health and nutrition curriculum cover:  

  1.  Who am I and why does health matter?
  2.  Physical influences on thoughts and feelings 
  3.  Mental and emotional stability
  4.  Interpersonal harmony  
  5.  Treasuring your senses 
  6.  Processing nourishment and hydration  
  7.  Food science I— macronutrients 
  8.  Food science II— micronutrients 
  9.  Let’s look at what you eat 
  10.  Delivering the oxygen 
  11.  Let’s move 
  12.  You’re stronger than you look 
  13.  At war with infection 
  14.  Peace in difficult times 
  15.  Reproduction   


This workbook assignment required him to rewrite advice given in the chapter in his own words. I questioned him when I read his words “trust everyone” and he looked up the book’s original advice. What was actually written said “Trust people who truly love you. They are telling you the truth and looking out for your welfare.” He revised his answer after we discussed it.

One later assignment is an in-depth food diary completed in module nine after completing two different modules on types of nutrients. 

I recommend this course to anyone looking for a solid health and nutrition course. They are currently offering this free activity book. 

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Health and Nutrition Basic Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Reviews}
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