Louisiana Strawberries

It’s that time of year again...

A friend shared that our favorite fruit stand has strawberries at a great price, so we picked up some today. My mom called soon after we got home and said come over. She had supper ready and was about to put cake in the oven. No way was I turning that down. We brought berries. They are sweet and juicy and delicious. I told my dad I got a flat but he thought that I meant a flat tire. Thankfully not! Fast forward... 9pm and we just finished slicing the rest of them.

Visit me on Instagram. One of my very first posts there was of strawberries. 


  1. It's been strawberry season here in Florida for the last two months. Yum! Bet it was great with the cake.

  2. Mmmmm - they look luscious!
    Thanks for sharing your photo. Now, will you please share your strawberries? You've made my mouth water!


  3. I love strawberries but they won't be in season here for quite some while yet



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