The snow is melting, but it is colder than ever here now. Snow! Bizarre! This rare to us white stuff is here for the third time this winter, and my body is screaming for springtime. 

My schedule is changing. Maybe my internal clock has shifted. Maybe it broke. Whatever the case, I’ve been awake since 3am. It’s after 8 now. My husband ate his oatmeal and carried his mug of coffee out the door as he headed back to the icy roads. He called to let me know he’s there safe, and instead of my second mug of coffee I just want to crawl back under the covers and close my eyes. 

I just read the Five Minute Friday prompt for the week: intentional... so my thoughts are shared here: 

My hearts desire for myself and my family is that our words and actions point to Jesus. Am I taking intentional steps toward that goal? Yes. Enough? No. But it isn’t about measuring up to someone else’s expectations but instead, day by day, even minute by minute, reaching toward that goal. 

My kids are older now. I set rules before that have become habits now. Bible study before play. Chores too, and school lessons. My own schedule is less regulated but that one “Bible reading first” sets the pace for my day. I feel it when I start without it. 

White space on my calendar is one of those things I’m still trying to be more intentional about. 

My words are slow this morning, and more than five minutes have passed now. 


  1. It seems we have much in common Jennifer. Growing kids, country living, intentional parenting and simplifying our lives. :) I'm your neighbor at the Five Minute Friday link up today.

  2. My body and soul is craving the return of spring as well! I really enjoyed your post...and a glimpse into your life! Visiting from FMF:)

  3. Anonymous1/19/2018

    Ah yes! Winter be gone! Bed doldrums move on! Intentionally enjoying your blog today as a co-writer on FMF!

  4. Yes, Bible reading first is a good plan! And being intentional about rest is something I'm trying to work on too! Visiting from FMF #53.


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