July Glimpses

Our July was a very hot and busy busy month. I've tried to leave more white space on our calendar in August before our mid month back-to-homeschool routine begins, but it is quickly filling up.

Our whole family was part of the Galactic Starveyers VBS at our church. We've been on the road since then so not back to church a lot since that week, but still it feels so much like we are part of the community there now. That is such a good feeling.

We finally cleaned our pool and the kids got in it a few times. There are still frogs around it in abundance. Did I mention that it is right outside our bedroom window? We go to sleep to the sound of frogs and wake up to roosters crowing. We finally found a new home for three of them and have one more claimed but not yet picked up, so the crowing isn't quite as bad as earlier this summer. Even with the extra farm noises, it's still peaceful.

Pears are ripe! We cooked them in the Instant Pot this year instead of hours in the crock pot. Yummy! We also learned how to make Pavlova and tried homemade noodles again. We are planning to try make ravioli soon. We still have an abundance of fresh eggs. 

All of that together helped it to feel like summer is finally here.

This week we had our homeschool group kick-off meeting. Already! Are you ready for back to school? I am not.

I learned, again, what a gift it is when friends pray. It means much more than anyone being able to relate to my situation. Prayer to God our Savior is powerful and effective. Jehovah Rapha, God our healer, hears our prayers. 
Our back-to-school shopping was minimal. Cleaning out my office earlier this year made it visibly clear just how many supplies we have in abundance. I bought a few new notebooks, and my daughter picked out a planner. That's it!

We ended the month with a super fast road trip. My husband purchased a 75 year old tractor four states away and is now making plans to restore it.

We stayed with my cousin and her family half-way, both there and back, and were spoiled with good food and a great though very fast visit. I always love my cousin's recipes. This time she taught me how to make pancake muffins. I tried yesterday but they weren't as good as hers-- regular pancake batter baked in muffin tins, topped with either cinnamon sugar or chocolate chips. I'll try again; the kids like them.

On the blog:
In a "ten days of" series with friends, I share a little about how we incorporate homeschool with life.
Some of our favorite summer reviews were the Adventures of Rush Revere booksDoctor Aviation the Timeline Trio, and ACTÍVA.
And don't miss this giveaway for a CD from Nichole Nordeman! Enter here this week for a chance to win!

Many of my Scripture and a Snapshot posts use verses I'm learning.

Currently I'm learning this passage from Hebrews which I also chose for our school focus for this coming school year.

My oldest daughter designed a doll that she plans to sell but wants to make more for keeping and sharing first. I cut some doll patterns on the laser and am continuing to experiment with cutting fabric. My youngest daughter has been making bracelets. She made one for herself that spells out HOPE in morse code and one for me with PEACE. My son is learning to make paracord bracelets. His next challenge is figuring out just how to wrap the ones that can easily pull apart to use the cord.

In the Cuts by Laser shop:
Thank you so much to my friend April who has been helping update our website. Check it out:  http://www.cutsbylaser.com

We made quilt templates and are now trying to meet the challenge of packaging very large flat items.

New from Lilla Rose/prettyhair:

If you know I dream of the beach, you may can guess just how much I love the new seahorse design of our August flexi-of-the-month Athena. I can't wait to see mine! These are limited this month only and while supplies last.


  1. What a fun post! This is such an inspiring recap. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thanks Lynn! Life is so busy these days. I want to look back and remember good things.


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