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The following is a review from Greek 'n' Stuff  with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.      

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! -level 3 set is a Biblical Greek Worktext. My daughter used this and wrote the following review. 

There are eight levels to choose from. Given the choice of level 2 or 3, I decided to start with level 3. There is a quick review of the alphabet at the beginning, and then the book moves on to teaching basic words and sentences. 

This is a 36 lesson workbook. Each lesson covers approximately 4 pages. The teacher book recommends that younger students complete one page a day, although older students can certainly do more. There isn't a lot of explanation in the student workbook for each lesson, but the teacher book goes into greater detail. The teacher book even includes the same appendix, minus the flashcards. 

I found this curriculum to be written mainly for younger children, but that doesn't prohibit it from being useful for older students. I enjoyed the simplicity. This workbook was written in 1994. I think it is a great starting point. At the beginning there is a quick intro (10 pages) of Greek alphabet review, and then the lessons get gradually harder. 

I used the course as the instructions suggested, mainly copying assignments into my notebook for practice. There are flashcards included in the back of the book, which can be taped or glued to index cards. I chose to copy them straight onto index cards as extra practice. We also got a cd which goes along with level three and level four. Just listening to the cd is great practice, and is perfect for knowing if you are pronouncing words correctly. 

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! A Biblical Greek Worktext curriculum recommends using an interlinear Bible as a learning resource. I found a free interlinear Bible online. 

Lessons include drawing pictures of Greek words, circling correct answers, writing out letters and words, filling in blanks, puzzles, and saying words aloud. There are pronunciation guides for each word and letter.

The appendix was very helpful. Every time I turned to it, I found something helpful that I hadn't seen before. One of the things I used the most was a chart of the Greek alphabet. The chart included columns for capital and lowercase letters, the name and pronunciation, and an example of a word in English with a similar sounding letter or sound. 


Compared to other language curriculums that I have used in the past, this one was very simple, straight forward, and easy to use. I like how it combines many aspects, such as reading, writing, drawing, and listening into each lesson. I think this would make it very easy for children to use, no matter their learning style. Basically, its a fun and simple way to learn Greek, and is great for any age. I'm looking forward to being able to incorporate the knowledge I'm gaining from this curriculum into my Bible Study. 

A little commentary from mom... That ends my adult daughter's review. The workbook is designed for younger students, so my daughter chose to complete extra practice (and write much smaller) in a notebook. This isn't exactly how the program is designed. The material was presented in a way that was easy to follow, and I was encouraged to see her learning a language that I don't know. How wonderful if she can one day read a Greek version of Scripture with understanding! 

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