Homeschool With Extended Family Members

Art with Grandmommie 

We are blessed to live very close to my parents. My mom started painting with my kids years ago, and every now and then one of them will comment that they need to paint again. That's actually their plan for this afternoon. They are going to paint planets for use as decorations in our church's VBS which is next week.

She has taught them oil painting, acrylics, and mixed media. I love seeing what they create.

Artwork fills our house and the wall in my girls' bedroom looks like an art gallery because of the times they get to paint with their grandmommie.

I've highlighted art lessons with my mom, but through the years so many loved ones have shared their skills. My husband set up a complete camper hookup site for when his parents stay here in their camper, typically weeks to months at a time. Last year while they visited, my son joined them every morning for Bible study. They studied the book of Revelations together.

This farm was started by my grandparents, and I am incredibly thankful for the time that my children had with them. Cooking with Granny, gardening with Powpow, those lessons are treasured memories now just like dancing with them in their dining room.

My aunt shared her love of sewing with my girls, and they continue to develop their skills with her. Recently my aunt and uncle shared their knowledge and resources to help our family get into beekeeping.

Look at your child's interests, but also notice the interests of family members near you. When someone teaches what they love, it can bring joy to the teacher and the student.

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