Fascinating Education Physics Review

The following is a review of Fascinating Physics from Fascinating Education with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.  

We seem to have a physics trend in our homeschool this year. It was my favorite science in high school; I hope my own children have that same enjoyment of the subject as they learn. These lessons, however, are a much different format than mine were years ago. Fascinating Education has video lessons and a script so you can even open it on two devices and read along as you watch the videos. These lessons use modern technology for our digital natives to learn in the format that fits their generation. These online courses require an Internet connection. For chemistry labs, household items are needed for completion of experiments. 

We pulled up the videos through the website on the iPad (occasionally cell phone, too) and through it and the Apple TV box, viewed them on our TV screen. Our internet has been having significant issues affecting our entire parish, so playback was slow. That wasn't a program issue, I'm just pointing out our experience to emphasize that I recommend reliable high speed internet to use this. 

All of the science courses offered by Fascinating Education are designed for high school students, however they have had students in sixth grade complete courses successfully. I linked our Fascinating Chemistry review above, however updates have been made to their online tests since that review. They recommend this order: Chemistry, Biology, then Physics. They also now offer Anatomy & Physiology and Logic of Medicine which can be completed after Physics.

Once logged in, you simply click on your course and the entire course library of videos, transcripts, and tests open up to view. Each lesson as pictured below has those three options to click. Lessons may be viewed repeatedly and in any order, though they are designed to be completed in order. Lessons are in-depth, but each video is approximately 30-45 minutes. A complete course outline listing specific scientists, topics, formulas, and laws covered in each lesson can be downloaded from the Fascinating Education website. If you choose to rush through it, an entire course could be completed in 45 hours! If your student needs to catch up, this may be just the resource your family needs. 

Lesson 1: Movement 
Lesson 2: Vectors 
Lesson 3: Forces 
Lesson 4: Energy-Work-Power
Lesson 5: Circular Motion 
Lesson 6: Fluids and Gasses
Lesson 7: Waves
Lessons 8-10: Light, Parts 1, 2, and 3 
Lesson 11: Electrical Charges
Lesson 12: Moving Electrical Charges
Lesson 13: Electrical Currents 
Lesson 14: The Atom 
Lesson 15: The Nucleus 

The images accompanying the videos clearly are clearly labeled showing the points being taught. 

Test scores are not stored on their website, but the online tests can be printed with or without the answers completed. Tutorials are offered even during the tests if students are struggling with an answer. 

Others on the review crew tried this and other courses from Fascinating Education. Click the banner below to read more reviews. 

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