Homeschool in Our Community

There are times when homeschool seems more like away-from-home school when life plans keep us busy. I cherish our days at home. But there are times when friends can teach my children things that my husband and I haven't learned. For those, we appreciate their time, and we go to them. There is no way we could accept every opportunity offered, so we have to consider each opportunity carefully. These things are sort of like electives in our lessons, though sometimes we've met with others for groups for the basic courses, too. 

Some of the group things we've done as classes or teams with others through the years are art, soccer, Spanish, speech, geography, dancing, orchestra, sewing, and more. Many of these weren't "homeschool group" activities. Knitting, for example, started as a one-time free class at our library. Community interest kept it there, and the teacher became a family friend. My girls still like to go, especially when they reach a point in a knitting project where they need help. 

Book club is another group that I've enjoyed with my children. We've joined book clubs with friends, at our library, and with our homeschool group. We've attended plays based on books after discussing the books together, and we've shared meals featuring foods that we read about. 

Not every opportunity is within a group. Music lessons are one of the things my girls have done most consistently through the years. They even teach their own students now, but the continue to learn from others, too. 

Have you found activities that are just the right fit for your children? 

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