Five on Friday on the Farm

Sometimes it's nice to just reflect on the good things. Last week, joining our church youth for camp was amazing and wonderful. This week, we've been home for more hours than possibly any other week this entire year, and it's been pretty wonderful, too.

  • My dad taught me how to drive a tractor! I even pushed down a dead tree! 
  • Blueberries are ripe, and we've been enjoying all kinds of treats with them.
Just in case you'd like to try them, here is the link to a new recipe I tried. This low sugar blueberry jam is a hit. It was easy and fast and tasted good. I made another batch with peaches, too. 

  • A dear friend visited, and God used her to remind me what a sweet gift it is just to sit and talk. 
  • The loggers have arrived. They started bringing equipment in yesterday and started clearing some of the trees in what will be their main path to the back of the farm. It's going to look a lot different soon. 
  • I'm a slow reader when I try Bible reading plans, and that's okay. I'm enjoying reading the gospels. 
So there's a tiny glimpse of my very full week at home. What have you been up to? 


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