Graduation Preparations

In less than a week, my oldest daughter will graduate from highschool! It's almost time for her celebration, and final preparations are evident throughout our house.

Her transcript just needs a few more details and then signatures. The diploma arrived, and the vintage style cover suits her style perfectly.

Instead of a traditional graduation, my daughter wanted something more personal. She has been practicing for her senior recital for months, but today instead of violin strings, Mission Impossible is blaring through the surround sound speakers as only the Piano Guys can portray it. This day has been full of love and joy. After church (youth Sunday--the girls sang and Joseph played the piano) my inlaws joined us for lunch then the guys set up the volleyball net and we all tried to play. We laughed a lot. We need a lot of practice. Chewie wanted to join the game and chased the ball over and over.

We've been planning a reception for after the recital. Purple has been my senior's favorite color as long as I can remember, and she requested we decorate it in shades of purple with butterflies. Her sister has been perfecting recipes for months. We've enjoyed sampling many varieties of lavender cupcakes, and we all agree that she found the perfect recipe. She plans to bake those later this week. Today, she made macarons, both purple and white. We sampled again. Delicious!

I didn't realize just how much attention to details she puts into making these treats. Before adding the filling, she matches the sizes of the baked halves.

While Emily baked, Heather sewed.

Invitations have been ordered and mailed, and with kids of friends also graduating, we've received more invitations than ever. Excitement is high as we also plan for extended family members who will be traveling and staying with us.

My dad and I discussed yesterday trusting in God and not worrying. I remember him teaching me that lesson when I was close to my daughter's age.

In just a few days, I'll be the mom of a high school graduate. This homeschool path has been both an adventure and a blessing. Soli Deo Gloria-- to God alone be the glory!

Her invitations were ordered through Shutterfly, and the diploma (and cool graduate of 2016 tshirt) are from Homeschool Diploma. She chose this style because she was able to personalize it with her favorite Bible verse-- Philippians 1:20.

You get a sneak peek of the banner we made in the laser shop: 

My senior:


  1. Congratulations! She's so beautiful. Yes indeed to God be the glory! May she live on to bring Him glory in all she does. You did an awesome job mom :-)

    1. Thank you! I hope and pray that she does.


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