Animals on our Farm

"Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O. And on his farm he had pine trees." That doesn't really fit the theme, I know.  

We live deep in the woods of Southern Louisiana on a pine tree farm. Once long ago it was a beef cattle farm; I remember being scared of the cows. Before that, before I was born, it was a dairy farm. But now, though our pets fit the song they aren't quite farm animals in the sense of providing for us in a big way. They are well loved pets. 

Each of my kids are expected to help out around the house, and they all have certain chores that fall to them daily. My middle child is responsible for feeding the animals. The picture above is her carrying a bucket of food to our horse. She has been visiting her grandparents, so the chore has been mine lately. Some of these pictures are ones I took to text to her of how her babies are doing. Others are from the past few months.

We have two dogs and up to 11 cats though some of the big ones wander. The cats were so funny when I fed them. They raced me to the feed shed and two or three would jump into the cat food bucket as soon as I removed the lid before I could even scoop any food out for them. Every day! 

Nemo is one of the kittens, a few months old now. Every time I open the back door, Nemo rushes inside.

Tigger is our oldest pet. She is even older than my son.

The chickens do give us eggs. Eight hens  give us a grand total of 2-3 eggs a day, not quite earning their keep but we enjoy them. 

These two pretties were a gift last Christmas and are named Holly and Mistletoe.

The ducks hang out in the yard with the dogs and cats when they aren't swimming in the pond. They even come to the feed shed to eat!

My daughter has four bunnies.

Our only inside pets are fish in tanks.
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  1. The little kitten is so sweet. :-) Thanks for introducing us to your pets!

    1. Nemo craves attention. He looks just like his mom Elsa, so I ended up calling him Elmo. My daughter didn't let the new name stick, though, and she is once again home to pet him often.

  2. Great pictures of all your furry (and feathered) family members. Your farm looks beautiful! I'd love to come visit sometime. ;)

    1. You are welcome anytime! We'd love for you and your whole family to visit.

  3. visiting with blogging through alphabet. DUCKS and BUNNIES! AND CHICKENS!!! That's what I would have if I had a plot of land as well. :)

    1. My daughter requested a milk cow named Daisy, but we had to draw the line somewhere.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    It must be wonderful to have a farm with animals! Having the chore of feeding them gives the children a fine possibility of being a part of the household in a concrete way of helping and learning responsibility. And the joy they must have when collecting eggs and seeing a small pig grow to a bigger one :)

  5. We live deep in the woods in Northeastern Louisiana in a tiny "village"! We are in Ohio right now with my husband's job (pipeline!) But I am so ready to get home! There's no place like Louisiana!!

  6. I love all thoses animaaaalssss. XD



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