Progeny Press-- A Schoolhouse Crew Review

This is not our first review for Progeny Press, and our family even used them before our first review. Anne of Green Gables and The Hiding Place were two of our favorites. This time, we chose one of their middle school downloadable study guides for my sixth grader. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch is historical literature which has been a pleasant change to his reading selections. My son used the interactive guide on his laptop, however there is an option to print downloadable guides, too. (Acrobat reader is required to use the download.) The book wasn't included with the study guide, but a friend had an extra copy that she shared with us. 

As a sixth grader, my son is doing more and more independent work. We started this book as a read-aloud together, but soon progressed to him reading it without me, often during our "drop everything and read" time. 

Nat was his favorite character. My only son wishes he had a brother, and he said one of the best parts of the book was that Nat had brothers. From the preview and "Mr." in the title, he didn't expect it to be about a young boy, so that was a nice bonus. (He did grow up before the end of the book.) Joseph also said that the granny added humor to the story. He called it old timey but classified it as a good book and easy to get into. 

Though we have used their printed literature guides in the past, this interactive digital version fit my son's preferences quite suitably. To obtain the downloads, we logged in to an account set up on the Progeny Press website and downloaded the guides directly from there. A clear tutorial of that process was provided in an email. We downloaded the E-Guide to my son's computer and the answer key to my computer. The guide was easy to use, but don't confuse that with easy. Many of the vocabulary words were new to my son, and some were even unknown to me until we looked them up together. Other questions required more thought such as contemplating why a character made a certain decision or a specific action. Diligence is emphasized in Nat's childhood as well as in adult actions.  

This unit study workbook includes vocabulary comprehension, literary techniques, history, critical analysis, Biblical application, and more. My son found that the interactive lessons were not too long or too difficult for him to complete, though occasionally he still requested to just discuss the answers with me instead of typing to fill in the blanks. 

Progeny Press is a family business started by homeschooling parents and founded with Christian values. The mission of Progeny Press lines up with our family goals for our homeschool: "To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the Scripture for truth and values, and to  enjoy themselves while they do it!" 

Progeny Press offers over 110 different study guides! The other middle school review option was the study guide for the book Tuck Everlasting. Other reviewers also used some of Progeny Press's high school and elementary downloadable and interactive study guides. Click the graphic below to read other crew reviews. 

Progeny Press Review


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