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Our movie review from FishFlix.com is of the DVD Do You Believe? which portrays simultaneous sequences of events with results dependent on the answer to that question.  

Life can change in an instant. Single decisions can lead to unimaginable consequences. This is clearly portrayed in this DVD. It is a movie, but it is also easy to compare to current real world events. My son recognized an actor from the movie The Hobbit who we have also seen in several other family friendly movies. 

Do you believe in the life changing truth of Jesus Christ who died for us and rose again? Do you publicly share that truth? If faced with death? To stop a hopeless death? If admitting that truth puts you at risk, can you still make the right choice? Do You Believe?  

The creators of the movie God's Not Dead again created a movie of powerful truths. Our family watched this movie together. At times, however, violence is comparable to what you can see on the current news, so use your own discretion with your own children.  

This movie is about an unconnected group of individuals whose lives cross as each of them answer the question "Do you believe?" 

***Spoiler alert!*** (so skip the next paragraph if you want fewer details.)

A little girl and her mother who need a place to stay, a man who is sick but gives up his house for a night, a pastor who is realizing how visible some peoples faith can be, man who carries a cross, a girl who doesn't feel loved, a gang member who accepts Jesus and dies for his faith, an older couple who lost their daughter and need to find a purpose in life,a doctor who doesn't believe in God, much less in miracles, and doesn't know what to say when a miracle happens. This Christian film is about how they, in different ways, affect the lives of the people around them and learn how they can help others come to know Christ. 

Spending this week with a loved one in the hospital, I was reminded of the hospital scenes in the movie.  A lullaby plays overhead each time a new baby is born here. This is truly a place of life and death, and everyone's response to those three words matters. The two patients sharing a hospital room in the movie were so different, yet one sharing his faith with the other made an eternal impact. 

This movie shares hope in difficult circumstances. Our family enjoyed viewing it together and we are looking forward to watching even more DVDs from FishFlix.com. 

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