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With one sophomore and one senior, we have been making, confirming, and adjusting high school plans for several years now. When the girls were younger, I often asked moms with older kids what worked well for them. We attended workshops and read a lot about how to keep records. Once we started, it seemed rather seamless. Some of the classes they took before 9th grade were high school level, so when they actually started their freshman years it wasn't as if we were jumping into something new. One nugget of good advice we received was to just continue to the next thing.

In our state, our homeschool isn't under strict guidelines for following a set plan. Instead, one mom advised years ago to look at what colleges require and aim to meet those criteria for the colleges that my kids might choose to go to. We listened to a panel of college recruiters share their recommendations, and we frequently discuss what is working and where we need to make changes.

Resources for planning and organizing high school:

When my girls were much younger, the thought of homeschooling through highschool scared me. Now, high school is enjoyable. As homeschooling moms, we grow as the kids grow and learn. One step at a time is effective. I pray. I seek God's guidance. And I know He is preparing these precious kids for serving Him with their lives. Homeschooling high school isn't a scary abstract unknown idea. It is working!

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