High School Prep Genius ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

    When I first read about this book from College Prep Genius, I thought that the High School Prep Genius book would be useful for my oldest daughter who is in 9th grade this year. After reading more and more, I decided to use it for my 7th grade daughter as well. Though not exclusively written about homeschooling(some areas specifically cover school experiences,) there are also recommendations for homeschooling parents. 

    High School Prep Genius: An Academic Guide To Excellence is a 440 page resource of advice for helping our children plan for their futures.  Eighteen chapters cover everything from the expected-- Getting Organized, High School Mechanics, and College Essentials to the unexpected-- "Own Your Beliefs." Five appendixes cover additional topics. 

From the website:

Book Features:
¬ College & Career Notebook
¬ 9th-12th Grade Student Timelines
¬ Advanced Study Tips
¬ 7th Grade Talent Searches
¬ Scholarship Ideas
¬ Key Admissions Terminology
¬ Extracurricular Activity Advice
¬ Healthy Lifestyle Skills
¬ Keys to Finding a Mentor
¬ Friend and Relationship Help
¬ Essay Writing Techniques
¬ College Admissions Guide
¬ Go to College for Free

     My 9th grader and I both read the book and took notes. One of the highlights that stood out to her was the following quote:
"The purpose of education is not merely to make good grades. It is to gain knowledge about the world and practical applications of such knowledge."
     We are not standard with our lessons and grading as typical schools are. Though taught, highlighting the "big four" that we recently heard was what all the nearby colleges want to see on transcripts is not our main goal. I especially appreciated the sections like "Going Beyond the Basics" which discussed tailoring education to your student. 

     In addition to the typical course recommendations, the authors suggest that our students also attain the important skills of self-directed learning, critical thinking, and self-discipline. Multiple charts are included to help guide their plans and assist in record keeping. Beyond just high school, resources also help chart college admissions and scholarship applications. 

     One of the recommendations was to create a college and career notebook. Both of my girls started this along with the beginning of the mapped out high school plan. They included sections in their notebook (3 ring binder) to continue to add throughout their high school years. 

     They each added lined paper, labeled dividers, and page protectors to their binders. After creating each section, the first thing they added to one of the page protectors was their certificates from the All State Chamber Orchestra and just this week from their music teachers. I am not a naturally organized person, so I appreciate this plan that can continue to grow with them and help with our record keeping. 

     High School Prep Genius is available for $29.95. See what others on the crew shared about this and about College Prep Genius. 

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