The Virtual Refrigerator

This wraps up our January theme of doors. My kids love walking through their grandparent's door, up the stairs, and through the door at the top of the stairs into what was long ago my bedroom but converted into Grandmommie's art room. This week my parents have been changing things up. We helped them rip out their old countertops over the weekend for a change in the kitchen. Today, the kids helped move the art room across the catwalk into the more open and light room that had been my mom's office. There is no door into the loft, just a welcoming open doorway at the end. The half walls are open to the rooms below. I walked up there once to see their projects, and they were all seated comfortably around a table and even had an extra easel available for when I want to join them. I love seeing how they transform their ideas into masterpieces. These pictures are all from my daughter's camera. 

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