The Virtual Refrigerator ~ Tiny Glimpses of Nature

After a bumpy start to my morning, changing things up seemed like a good idea. The kids ate their biscuits with very runny muscadine jelly, read their Bibles, brushed their teeth, and started chores. You get the picture of our morning routine. Instead of diving into our lessons as usual after that, we took our American History books outside and had school under the arbor. We read together of the Native American tribes that were close to our house hundreds of years ago. We laughed together as the cats climbed the vines covering the arbor and drank our water. We took a break together and played on the swing my husband built and a few years later rebuilt for us. I had the kids each pick one tiny treasure that God created, then they traded with each other. When we came inside, they grabbed their sketchbooks and drew what they had found. 

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  1. Great way to change the tone of the day! Very nice drawings. :-)


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