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Welcome to another week of the Virtual Refrigerator. Our weekly blog hop is co-hosted by Angels of Heart, Every Bed of Roses, Homeschool Coffee Break, and a Glimpse of our Life. Link up your art tutorials or projects that your children have been working on. Then pin the same to our virtual fridge by joining our group pinterest board, just ask any of us to add you.

The rain has been pounding on our roof for three days, and it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. My girls have been sewing a lot. I found a new bread recipe. We played more games than usual. Being forced to stay inside much more than we would on a typical day, much is being accomplished. Art this week was unstructured. While the raindrops continued their lullaby on our tin roof, the kids slept late. I piled a few art supplies on the table and waited to see what they would create.

That beach looks so inviting. I'm ready to sink my toes in the sand and soak up the warm sunshine.

Joseph drew himself fishing on the pier. He was our hook baiter and fish remover when we all fished together Monday (before the constant downpour started.) 

Heather and I have been checking out a lot of etsy sites as we dream up plans for the laser. After seeing tiny 4x4 original art for $60 each, Heather created her own mini series. 

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  1. Anonymous5/29/2014

    Wow! I love the way the glitter looks on the beach. What a pop!

  2. All very nice pieces! Fun to see what kids will create when they are let loose with the supplies. :-)

  3. It is fun. They try things so different than I imagine when we aren't following a plan, like the glitter glue used that way.

  4. lovely drawings. these kids are really cute and amazing


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