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The cicadas in the woods around us are not on their way back underground yet. Their loud hum helps keep them on our mind, so it just seemed fitting to integrate them into our art this week. In my research I found this link for origami cicadas. My oldest daughter said it looked like a fly, but she helped us recreate them and they do look a bit like the cicadas here right when they shed their shell. A bit of cicada anatomy is even included with the instructions. If you missed it and are interested, you can read a lot more about the insects here.

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  1. Anonymous5/22/2014

    Very cool! My son likes origami anything :-)

    1. Did he try it? The example at the link uses double sided paper or wrapping paper which would give it a different appearance than our tissue paper.

  2. origami always attracts me.. great work. really liked it :)


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