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Every once and a while we are going to have a special treat, sharing a Sensory Focus article up-coming, not from a past issue. This one is really something!  Below is the link to the article, along with some information about the article.

PrĂ©cis of attached article from Sensory Focus magazine 
UC-Irvine Scientific groundbreaking study:
Sensory-enriched environment shows
‘significant’ impact on children with autism
A “sensory-enriched treatment” of children with autism has shown “significant improvement in their autism symptoms” -- approximately six times greater than those children on the autism spectrum in a control group who received only “standard” autism treatment -- according to University of California Irvine scientists in a groundbreaking study.
The sensory-enriched environment also produced scientifically significant increases in the children’s cognitive abilities (understanding and knowledge) over those who received standard treatment.
Important revelations in the study: the cost of treatment for children with autism is less than many other programs because it uses commonly found items and it can be managed by family members instead of certified professionals. It also positively impacted older children on the spectrum in the study, who generally don’t respond well in standard autism treatments without early intervention.
The critical components in the study included multiple sensory experiences – rather than one – purposely layered and frequently changed to introduce novelty into the program.  The researchers concluded that it’s the compilation of sensory enriched experiences that affect the children, reducing their autistic behaviors and increasing their cognitive abilities.
Read about it in the just-released spring issue of Sensory Focus magazine, online at the Apple newsstand or in print at www.sensoryworld.com
Lyn Dunsavage Young, National Media Coordinator; Marketing/Distributors for Future Horizons

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